Here I plan to post/share things as they come to mind... is a free website; easy to edit but not setup as a blog with tags and categories.


We live in a culture that focuses on consuming and striving.

Is our fulfillment really in the “more” of this world, or is the quality of our thoughts more significant for our happiness and sustainability?

Frugal or Wise?

Software subscriptions can easily add up:

  • MindMeister (web) makes it possible to embed Mind Maps into websites with live update; including some collaboration.
  • MindNode (Mac OS X and iOS) makes it simple to get from a text to a Mind Map....
  • NotePlan (Mac OS X and iOS) is a powerful tool to keep your mind empty and organized.

"Excitement is a scam of the mind."

GTD, Getting Things Done by David Allen.

I found the following diagram on

Not to turn yourself into a machine, but it can be very beneficial to create and maintain a conceptual framework.

"Structure supports spontaneity."