Practicalities & Peace of Mind, in Daily Living.


Internet, Emails, Passwords, Time, Energy, Money...

We all suffer, but we tend to pretend and procrastinate instead of looking closer...

"Structure suports spontaneity."


Get things out of your head, into a trusted system!

Learn some few simple habits to consciously allow more inner space and peace.

Invite and embrace inspiration and efficiency.


Be honest and vigilant: relaxed without being lazy.

"You must use your mind to get things off your mind.”

Our natural state is effortless peace and happiness, but we easily get distracted and intimidated.

Holger Hubbs


Voice: (831) 275-0747

Homegrown in Pacific Grove, between Carmel Ave and Monterey St.Add me to your address book: Digital Business Card.
This website is dynamic, it is more like a whiteboard.Things are evolving and changing:
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I am available for one-on-one sessions, sensitive towards your needs and capacity.

I struggled a lot with technology and my own mental confetti: easily overwhelmed and frustrated, including times of fear and panic when things did not work out.

Having the right tools and knowing how to use them efficiently is important! But we also need to allow some simple self-care, by relaxing into being aware of our own subtle inner resistance towards the flow of life.

Pretend some openness and send me an email or give me a call; we all sit in the same boat! Life is more than paying bills.